[Gmsh] Socket connection between octave and gmsh

Henk van Weers H.J.van.Weers at sron.nl
Wed Dec 22 15:53:15 CET 2010

I am trying to write a socket interface between octave (matlab-like environment under gnu license) and Gmsh.
I am aware (and have used) the c++ examples supplied with the source code.
Sending commands from octave to gmsh now works fine, using snippets from the example c++ code.
However the code in sockets.h gives me the impression that it should also be possible to have gmsh send messages back.
I would like to use this read the options settings back from gmsh into octave.
For some reason I can not get this part to work. 
Is there any example available in which gmsh is requested to send information via the socket?
Best regards,
Henk van Weers
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