[Gmsh] Higher order shape functions in gmsh / getdp

moritz braun moritz.braun at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 09:15:21 CET 2012

Dear Friends

I have made use of the gmsh  and getdp combination for calculating
eigenvalues of simple Quantum Mechanical Hamiltonians
in 1D, 2D and 3D and I enjoy using these packages.
Is my assumption correct, that while gmsh allows you to request meshes
for up to order six shape functions
getdp only allows shape functions of higher order in 1D but only
linear ones 2D and 3D.
When doing atomic/molecular/solid state physics calculations in 3D
it is absolutely essential to use shape functions of higher order to
get an accurcacy
of the order 10^-6 for eigen values and therefore this is quite a
stumbling block.
I also looked at the source code shortly to find where these shape
functiojns are defined but to no avail.



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