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Did you used ElmerGrid to convert the gmsh mesh in Elmer format?

This is simply done by
ElmerGrid 14 2 gmsh.msh

You will get the directory gmsh, containing the 4 Elmer mesh files 
(mesh.header, mesh.elements, mesh.nodes and mesh.boundary).

Hope it helps.

Le 13/06/12 14:20, Jack Mandelman a écrit :
> I recently constructed a 3D model in gmsh to investigate capacitive 
> coupling among a plurality of microstrip conductors oriented at 
> various angles to one-and-other. One model of interest contains three 
> dielectric regions. Each dielectric region is defined by a physical 
> volume entity in gmsh. Here is the problem encountered when using the 
> gmsh generated 3D mesh (V2 ascii .msh format) in Elmer:
> Although the original .msh file from gmsh has 3 dielectric regions, 
> Elmer claims that it has 5 bodies. Since the mesh is unstructured and 
> is moderately complex (~300K tetrehedral elements), displaying the 5 
> bodies identified by Elmer is intractable. I found that the following 
> procedure results in a correct translation of the mesh from gmsh to Elmer.
> 1) In gmsh, construct a .geo file, generate mesh and save as ascii V1 
> .msh file.
> 2) Import ascii V1 .msh file (from 1 above) into EnGrid.
> 3) Export from EnGrid as a gmsh ascii V2 .msh file.
> 4) Open gmsh ascii V2 .msh file (from 3 above) with Elmer.
> 5) Proceed to build Elmer .sif file.
> So far, only when I generate a V1 .msh file and convert is to a V2 
> .msh format with EnGrid can I successfully use the mesh in Elmer. I 
> don't know if this is a bug in gmsh or Elmer, or perhaps an 
> incompatibility between versions. I am using Elmer version 
> 6.1.0.svn.5272.dfsg-1ubuntu2 and gmsh version 
> 2.5.1~beta1~svn9724~dfsg-1 in linux mint 12. Any comments and/or 
> suggestions regarding this issue are greatly appreciated.
> Dr. Jack Mandelman (aka "The Modelman")
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