[Gmsh] Defining a cylinder inside a cube using extrude command

Ruth V. Sabariego r.sabariego at ulg.ac.be
Wed Aug 22 12:04:25 CEST 2012

Hi Abhishek,

For creating the volume around the cylinders, you must use the surface loops of the created cylinders and not the volumes themselves. 
I've corrected your files for that.

Besides when combining extruded volumes with non-extruded ones, you should use the Frontal algorithm, by e.g. adding in your geo file:

Any other possible algorithm in Gmsh is still experimental, but you can try ;-)


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On 22 Aug 2012, at 10:24, sharma.abhi.itbhu at gmail.com wrote:

> Hello GMSH users, 
>         I am new to GMSH, I am trying to create a small cylindrical object inside a cube. I create the cylinder using Extrude command and a cube outside it. When I tried to mesh this geometry, I cylindrical objects are mesh properly inside but it only creates the surface mesh on the cube. 
> I think the problem is I am not able to  define a volume of cube excluding the cylinder. I looked at the examples (older posts) / tutorials, where the surface after the extrusion command is defined. I am unable to understand how these numbers for the different surfaces are defined. 
> Please have a look at the attached file, where I am trying to create two cylinders inside a cube. It will be nice if someone can explain how to get the correct mesh (numbering scheme after extrude command).
> Thanks,
> Best Regards,
> Abhishek
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