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新井恵美 emi.arai0305 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 11:50:13 CET 2013

Dear Sebastian and all,

I attached the zip including two geo files.
The two geos are similar model. But in the case of "NGcase.geo", I got
the error message of my previous mail. In the case of "OKcase.geo", I
didn't get it and the 3d mesh creation succeeded.

Best regards,
Emi Arai

2013/1/9 Eiser, Sebastian <sebastian.eiser at k-ai.at>:
> Without your "simple" file, it's not possible to clearly identify the source of the problem. Cuboids cannot be constructed from a triangle surface mesh (cuboid have quadrilaterals as surfaces).
> Try this:
> - start simple (either only cuboids/hexahedra or all tets) mixing them is not trivial.
> - does the error occur with one of the test cases (t1.geo through t13.geo)?
> - reinstall gmsh, but maybe not in the "Administrator" account. This is bad habit and can cause wrong permissions to access files.
> - resend your file to the gmsh mailing list (not to me only)
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> Subject: [Gmsh] Error message of gmsh
> Hello,
> I'm beginner of gmsh.
> I got an error message when I try to generate 3D mesh, i.e. push "Mesh
> -- 3D" button.
> The model is the simple one, which is constructed some cuboids with triangle surface mesh.
> The all parameters are default.
> Would you let me know how to avoid this error?
> Best regards,
> Emi Arai
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