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Hi Orxan,

You could try my bjGEO plugin for nanoCAD(free). 

I designed a loop file format and it can be readed into CAD and then output as GEO file by this plugin. 

A  loop like airfoil, it is exactly Loop (0) = {1,2,3,...,N}; in the outputed GEO file.

You could download it at https://sites.google.com/site/cad2geo/



> From: Orxan Shibliyev <orxan.shibli at gmail.com>
> To: gmsh at geuz.org
> Subject: [Gmsh] Way to make a Line Loop with arbitrary number of lines
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> I want to create a "Line Loop" with an ordered list of lines from 1 to N
> where N is an integer. I know that it is not possible to do something like
> "Line Loop (0) = {LineList{1:N}}". So how can I do something like: "Line
> Loop (0) = {1,2,3,...,N};"?

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