[Gmsh] Notched rectangle -- mesh over overlapping edges

Roman Putanowicz putanowr at l5.pk.edu.pl
Wed Feb 6 09:22:09 CET 2013

Dear Gmsh Users, 

(I have already send this post but for some reason it haven't
arrived to the list, thus I repost it without attachments -- the sample
file and images can be found on the page mentioned below)

In version 2.5.0 of gmsh I have used to build a mesh for notched
rectangle by creating a compound surface. What I wanted to achieve
was a mesh with duplicated nodes on the notch line. In the attachment
you will find a sample geometry file and images of the generated mesh
(on two images you can see nodes generated on the overlapping line,
you can also see mesh elements crossing internal horizontal boundary
but not the notch vertical line. The best illustration of the feature
I want  to achieve can be found on this page:
where you can see meshes
of different densities generated on the overlapping edge for the left
and right hand surfaces).

Unfortunately this example does not work with gmsh 2.6

I would be most grateful if someone could confirm that gmsh 2.6 is
generating errors for the sample geometry.
Also I would much appreciate if you have any idea how to achieve
duplicated nodes over a line (well, I could separate the line geometrically
and in post processing step make the nodes to overlap, but I wonder
if I can get such effect purely in gmsh). I was really happy to generate
meshes mentioned above in gmsh 2.5 as this feature is very useful for 
the models I deal with. Also with some hint where to dig in a source code
I could try to bring this feature back.

Thank you in advance for your support.

With kind regards,

Roman Putanowicz
Roman Putanowicz, PhD  < putanowr at l5.pk.edu.pl  >
Institute for Computational Civil Engng (L-5)
Dept. of Civil Engng, Cracow Univ. of Technology
www.l5.pk.edu.pl, tel. +48 12 628 2569, fax 2034

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