[Gmsh] Generating tetrahedral mesh in Gmsh for use in Maya

Geordie McBain gdmcbain at freeshell.org
Thu May 2 01:15:13 CEST 2013

2013/5/1 Shih Ming <xentay at gmail.com>:
> Hi!
> First time here, so let me just start off and say that Gmsh is such an
> awesome program! For my purpose, I was reading up on tetradedral mesh
> generators and I was so glad to find Gmsh.
> Pardon me if I'm asking some really basic question here, but I have a hard
> time trying to export the generated tetrahedral mesh for use in Maya. I'm
> using the STL format. Imports fine, and seems to export fine. But when I
> load it up in Maya, the tetrahedral structure is gone, and I'm left with
> just the original mesh.

STL format is only defined for triangles, it does not include
tetrahedra or any other three-dimensional elements.  This is not a
shortcoming of Gmsh.
  I'm not familiar with Maya, but maybe it accepts other input formats than STL?

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