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I am a PhD student. I started working with this program one month ago.

Before it was upgraded from my department, I was able to save post-processing data in a precise way.

After opening a 3D meshed cylinder with a vector field in it (“filename.msh”), I was able to calculate the

curl of this vector field (thanks to the gmsh plugin Curl) and save the result obtaining a *.pos file. In this

file, after importing it in Matlab, there were a first section related to the node ($Nodes) so I was able to

identify for each node the number of the node and the x-y-z coordinate value in four different columns,

one section for the elements($Elements), and finally one section related to the node data($NodesData

with the same size of the node section (same number of rows, each one for a different node, and the

same number of columns, the first one identifying the node number and then three columns related to

the x-y-z value of the curl of the vector field for that precise node).

Now after upgrading the software, instead of having the final section related to “$NodeData” as before, I

have a new section called $ElementNodeData with the same number of rows as the $Element section,

and as columns, after two starting columns identifying the element number and type, I have three

columns repeated four times since the mesh is made by tetrahedron as written in the online


Since I really need the x-y-z value of the coordinate of each node and the x-y-z value of the curl of the

vector field for each node, as I had before upgrading the software in the sections $Node and

$NodeData, is there a way to obtain this information again? Is there a particular way to save the *.pos

file so I can get this information again?

Hoping in a soon reply, I thank you all.


Stefano Mandija M.Sc.|PhD Student|Department of Radiotherapy|University Medical Center Utrecht
Heidelberglaan 100|3584 CX Utrecht|The Netherlands|Visiting address: Q04.4.302|Tel.: +31 88 7550285


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