[Gmsh] Gmsh interactive mode meshing

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to mesh you need 2 volumes.

1/ In Gmsh you can build a volume with a list of surface with a geo file :

Surface Loop(X) = {.....};
Volume(Y) = {X};
I am not sure it will work all the times.

2/ To avoid such manipulations, you can put directly the 2 volumes in your step file. In freeCAD you can use something like that

doc.addObject("Part::Feature","Solid1").Shape = S1
doc.addObject("Part::Feature","Solid2").Shape = S2

del __objs__

Or select both solids before the export in the GUI.



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Dear All,

I am using, FreeCAD to draw and Gmsh to mesh. It works well, in FreeCAD i export a model to a STEP file and then import it in Gmsh and simply press the 3d mesh button. See two figures attached. Say i now wish to also mesh the inside of the now still empty cube, is it possible to do so using the graphical interface in the Gmsh interactive mode? If so, how is it done?

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