[Gmsh] Physical surfaces for merged step files

Christophe Geuzaine cgeuzaine at ulg.ac.be
Wed Jan 28 20:26:21 CET 2015

> On 23 Jan 2015, at 15:39, guido.schmid at nmtec.ch wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem defining physical surfaces in gmsh. The attached geo file consists of two lines. The first line merges a step file which consists of two cubes. The other defines a simple physical surface. 
> As soon as the option “cut and merge faces” (Geometry.OCCConnectFaces = 1) is turned on, the physical surface randomly changes its position every time the geo file is reloaded. This behaviour makes it impossible to define physical surfaces for merged step files, if the option “cut and merge faces” is used.
> Is there a way to avoid this behaviour or is this a gmsh bug?

"Cut and merge faces" is definitely "beta quality"; the code should be checked to see if there is no pointer dependent ordering which would explain the behaviour you see. (Do you see this with the latest nightly builds?)

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> Guido
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