[Gmsh] GMSH renumbers elemntaty tags on reload

Mark Smith piedycat at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 29 10:45:14 CET 2015

Hi Christophe,Unfortunately it makes no difference ;-(I used cadexchanger from http://www.cadexchanger.com/ to convert the step file into a .brep file but this suffers with the same problem.If is do file: save as and type say file2.geo and with the GEO options box "save physical group lables"  ONLY ticked I get a file with all the points, lines line loops etc. When I lad this the element tag numbers stay fixed, ( it is relatively simple geometry consisting of volumes bounded by plane surfaces) but I cannot get the surfaces to be filled (rendered) but only crossed faces even when I setGeometry.SurfaceType = 2   this makes it difficult to pick surfaces to put into surface physical groups infact changing Geometry.SurfaceType to 0 1 or 2 make no difference to the way the surfaces are displayed?Strangely if I load in my cad geometry file Merge "file.STEP"; etc then the surfaces displayed are as expected if one changes the setting of Geometry.SurfaceType, any ideas?
Thanks in advance.Best regardsMark
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> On 28 Jan 2015, at 15:36, Mark Smith <piedycat at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Gmsh version 2.8.5
> Hi, I load a step file generated in solidworks saved in AP203 or AP214 format and load in into GMSH using a .geo file with the following lines
> // in gmsh options-geometry make sure the "cut and merge faces" is checked 
> // to remove duplicate entities on import of STEP file
> Merge "file.STEP";
> Geometry.AutoCoherence = 1;
> Coherence;
> in the options:geometry I get the model to display the surface labels with their elementary tags number, if I hit reload the tag numbers change this make defining physical surfaces impossible since the surfaces shown in the surface physical groups keep changing;-(
> I have not had this behaviour before and at this moment it is a show stopper, is there a way of preventing this behaviour?

I don't see this behavior when I do the same thing over here (note that "Geometry.AutoCoherence = 1; Coherence;" will have no effect on your STEP data)... Does adding "Delete All;" before the "Merge" command help?

> Thanks in advance
> Mark
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