[Gmsh] c++ API - Import mesh vertices and elements

Simone GREMMO [531257] Simone.GREMMO at umons.ac.be
Thu Feb 5 10:10:49 CET 2015

Dear all,
I have included Gmsh as library in my c++ program and I need to use it to mesh a volume region bounded by a surface mesh: in my program I have defined a surface mesh and I need to import its vertices and elements into a gmsh structure to be able to create a volume mesh starting from this surface.
Steps to do so, as far as I can understand, are:

-          Declare a GModel* that will contain the surface

-          Add a GFace* into the GModel

-          Add vertices and cells to the GFace* (get them from the mesh created in my program). Actually define a mesh for this GFace object

-          Create the volume mesh

Is this correct? Does anyone have any suggestion on how to write this portion of code?

PS I have already looked at the example in utils/api_demos/mainSimple.cpp and have adapted it to my case, but I would rather avoid reading/writing files to transfer meshes between the my program and gmsh to avoid performance issues.

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