[Gmsh] Disconnected nodes not shown or listed in Gmsh

Johan van Ravenhorst johan at vanr.nl
Wed Feb 18 15:50:22 CET 2015

Dear Gmsh'ers,


When loading nodes that are not connected to any element in Gmsh, they are
not shown and not listed under "Statistics".

Perhaps this is by design, but I cannot find statements about this in the
Gmsh documentation. Can these disconnected vertices be imported, or, can the
impossibility of this be added to the documentation?


As a compact example, see the *.msh-file contents below.





2.2 0 8





1           0.000000E+000  0.000000E+000  0.000000E+000

2           0.000000E+000  1.000000E+000  0.000000E+000

3           1.000000E+000  1.000000E+000  0.000000E+000

4           1.000000E+000  0.000000E+000  0.000000E+000





6 1 4 0 0 1 0 1 2







Johan van Ravenhorst


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