[Gmsh] Modifying the coordinates of the vertices of a 3D mesh

Sacconi, Andrea a.sacconi11 at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Mar 13 01:22:52 CET 2015

Hi all,

I have a very quick question about the possibility of modifying a 3D tetrahedral mesh.
I have a geometry that moves over time, but without changing topology. In other words, after I have solved my equations, I need to relocate some of the vertices of the grid, i.e. change the position of the vertices of some tetrahedra.
I am using the C++ API, so I called the method:

simplexPtr->setVertex(idxCorner, vtxToUpdate);

where simplexPtr is a pointer to a MTetrahedron, vtxToUpdate a pointer to MVertex, while idxCorner is an integer between 0 and 3. Unfortunately, if after the setVertex I try to extract the gammaShapeMeasure() using

simplexPtr-> gammaShapeMeasure()

it returns -nan. I do not understand why; am I doing something wrong??


Andrea Sacconi
PhD student, Applied Mathematics
AMMP Section, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London,
London SW7 2AZ, UK
a.sacconi11 at imperial.ac.uk

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