[Gmsh] [RE] Compute a product or a linear combinaison of scalar fields in GMSH

jean pierre aubry jeanpierre at lamachine.fr
Mon Mar 16 15:34:58 CET 2015

> hello
> this a feasible, i do it every so often with Matheval  from
> Code_Aster .med results 
> the help tab in the plugin window might help
> or an example is given in my book, appendix B 2.2
> if you do not succeed with that then it is a desperate issue!

Dear Jean-Pierre,

Thank you your reply. I use Code_Aster ".pos" results. 
I think I succeeded thanks to your example in your book. I must check
it now.

Best regards,


for quite a while know Gmsh is able to handle .med result files
which a find more flexible than .pos

jean pierre aubry
33 688 670 795

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