[Gmsh] Mesh Question

Dmytro Kulik dmytro.kulik at eleves.ec-nantes.fr
Tue Mar 17 10:35:49 CET 2015

Good day, 

Dear Gmesh creators, 
searching for the solution for my project i meet some difficulties and 
want to apply to you as to proffessionals in mesh creation. 
Could you please clarify for me: 
How it is possible to remesh the triangle mesh to quadrangle ? 
as example 
to create the mesh like from the right from the stl file which is from left ? 
the key idea here is to make the facets of the quadrangle mesh to follow the curvature of the mesh body (as in the left side on the figure). 

Thank you for your time and any kind of help. 
Best regards. 

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