[Gmsh] the compile problem of gmsh source code

Ju Ye Wei zju-wjy at zju.edu.cn
Mon Mar 30 08:39:05 CEST 2015

Dear The persons of Gmsh.

I’m a student in China who studying about finite element method and mesh 
generation.When I searched the website for my study, I found the GMSH 
source.But I can’t compile this source in my computer.I use Windows operating 
system.I tried to use the method from the "README.txt" to compile the "gmsh-
2.6.1-source".But the below errors always appeared.
However,the errors  are " binary system  "=": could not found the  operator of 
the right operand(or no acceptable conversion exist) to accept the 
"std::_Tree<_Traits>::const_iterator"type ".
In addition,the compiler i used is Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.
If you are at a loss for a reply to my unexpected question I’m sorry about 
Please let me know how can  I successfully compile this source in Windows.

Ju Ye Wei 

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