[Gmsh] CMake error

Ju Ye Wei zju-wjy at zju.edu.cn
Wed Apr 1 08:27:51 CEST 2015

Dear The persons of Gmsh.

I’m a student in China who studying about finite element method and mesh 
generation.And I have wrote a letter to you several days ago.

I tried to use the method from the "README.txt" to compile the gmsh source.But 
when I on the step of   

"Click on "Add entry" and define the variable CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, of type 
"PATH", pointing to the location(s) of any external package(s) (FLTK, 
BLAS/LAPACK, etc.) installed in non-standard directories."

according to the "README.txt".
And after I clicked the Configure, CMake would report an error which said 
"Error in configuration process,project files may be invalid".

In addition,I am quite sure that I have already configuration the compilation 
environment of FLTK and OpenGL.

If you are at a loss for a reply to my unexpected question I’m sorry about 
Please let me know how can  I successfully compile this source in Windows.

Ju Ye Wei

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