[Gmsh] High order visualization: hybrid meshes?

Jesse Chan jchan985 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 23:10:03 CEST 2015

Two questions on the high order visualization (which looks very nice...)

1) I've implemented INTERPOLATION_SCHEME for hexahedra, prisms, and
tetrahedra.  However, for the pyramid, I have been unable to produce a
working vis file (no errors, but nothing is plotted).  Is there an example
for the pyramid available anywhere, or is it treated differently in
visualization than the other elements?

2) Is there a reference for visualizing multiple types of elements in the
same file?  I have tried to implement 4 different element topologies (hex,
prism, pyr, tet), but GMSH gives a "wrong number of values in adaptation"
error when I try to visualize on a hybrid mesh of all element types.  Is
this related to the fact that GMSH does not support variable order elements
in one mesh?


- Jesse
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