[Gmsh] Help for calling GMSH

Kumar, Dharmendra kumar_dharmendra at ou.edu
Tue May 19 18:24:14 CEST 2015

Dear Sir,

I am working in 3D hydraulic fracture modeling using boundary element method (BEM) program  written in FORTRAN 95, where I need to handle adaptive meshing of 3D surface. Which means that I have  to generate a new mesh after each propagation step. I am interested to use GMSH program  as:

1.  BEM program will provide input file to the GMSH.

2. GMSH generate new mesh

3. Again BEM program read the GMSH file the next propagation step.

Can I interface the GMSH with my FORTRAN program and generate the adaptive  mesh  at each time step.
Please, suggest, how can I do it.

Due regards,
Dharmendra Kumar
Postdoctoral Research Associate
The University of Oklahoma, USA
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