[Gmsh] Converting *.stl surface mesh to volume mesh

look mlook at me.com
Thu Jun 11 10:59:34 CEST 2015

Hello everybody,

I created a *.stl surface mesh of an airfoil in a tunnel with blender and want to build the volume mesh with gmsh. I followed the instructions from here (Converting STL surface mesh to volume mesh using GMSH | Feng Li's Homepage (李冯) <http://fengl.org/2012/05/21/converting-stl-surface-mesh-to-volume-mesh-using-gmsh/>). However I get the following error message:

Info    : -------------------------------------------------------
Info    : Gmsh version   : 2.9.3
Info    : Build OS       : MacOSX
Info    : Build options  : 64Bit Ann Bamg Bfgs Blas(VecLib) Blossom Chaco DIntegration Dlopen Fltk Gmm Jpeg(Fltk) Kbipack Lapack(VecLib) MathEx Med Mesh Metis Mmg3d Mpeg NativeFileChooser Netgen ONELAB ONELABMetamodel OpenCascade OpenGL OptHom PETSc Parser Plugins Png(Fltk) Post SLEPc Salome Solver Tetgen(1.5) Voro3D Zlib
Info    : Build date     : 20150418
Info    : Build host     : Christophes-Mac.local
Info    : Packager       : geuzaine
Info    : Executable     : /Applications/Gmsh.app/Contents/MacOS/gmsh
Info    : Home directory : /Users/kateeisenhower/
Info    : Launch date    : Thu Jun 11 10:51:04 2015
Info    : Command line   : /Applications/Gmsh.app/Contents/MacOS/gmsh
Info    : -------------------------------------------------------
Info    : Reading '/Users/kateeisenhower/Documents/Blender/Daten/airfoil/airfoil.stl'...
Info    : Mesh is in binary format
Info    : 3402 facets in solid 0
Info    : Done reading '/Users/kateeisenhower/Documents/Blender/Daten/airfoil/airfoil.stl'
Info    : Meshing 1D...
Info    : Done meshing 1D (0 s)
Info    : Meshing 2D...
Info    : Done meshing 2D (0.0172832 s)
Info    : Meshing 3D...
Info    : Delaunay Meshing 1 volumes with 1 connected components
Info    : Meshing volume 3 (Delaunay)
Error   : Self intersecting surface mesh, computing intersections (this could take a while)
Info    : 13 intersecting faces have been saved into 'intersect.pos'
Error   : Could not open file 'intersect.pos'
Info    : Done meshing 3D (2.03814 s)
Info    : 1701 vertices 3402 elements
Error   : ------------------------------
Error   : Mesh generation error summary
Error   :     0 warnings
Error   :     2 errors
Error   : Check the full log for details
Error   : ———————————————

I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I tested my geometry for watertightness, face orientation, double vertices, etc. and I think my stl is valid. I have attached the file if anybody wants to try.

Thanks in advance. I’d be happy for every help, comment…


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