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Ganesh Diwan gcdiwan at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 17:12:05 CEST 2015


I am trying to use the METIS partitioning in Gmsh for my FE calculations. I
require following information for a partitioned mesh:

1) Consider that each partition can be treated as a closed polygon by
taking only its exterior nodes (which could be either free boundary nodes
or the nodes shared with the adjacent partitions if any). Then is it
possible to write a separate line in Gmsh that has information of only
these exterior nodes for each of the partition (perhaps as a separate
element type)? I think this information can be generated outside Gmsh after
reading the ASCII file as well but it would be nice to have that present in
.msh file if possible.

2) Alternatively for point 1) above: The partitioning information on
element edge level is present in the ASCII file but only for shared edges
between partitions. Can this information be generated for all the external
edges for each of the partition?

3) A similar partitioning information for nodes is not seen in the file.
Did I miss something in creating partitions? If not, is there a way to
write the information for nodes as well the way we write for elements (such
as: node id, number of tags, total number of partitions the node belongs
to, partition numbers, and then x-y-z data)?

Thanks in advance
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