[Gmsh] Combining multiple meshes: Research project

Jocelino Rodrigues jocelino.rodrigues.2012 at my.bristol.ac.uk
Tue Jan 5 18:53:08 CET 2016


My name is Jocelino Rodrigues and I'm a 4th year Aerospace Engineering
student at the University of Bristol in the UK. As part of a research
project I am undertaking, I am looking to employ CT scans of pitot tubes
and use the STL mesh provided by the software to produce FE analyses and
results. However, the pitot tubes are too big to fit in one single scan and
thus I will have 2 or 3 meshes for each tube. The scans of each geometry
overlap and my goal is to produce a very accurate geometry mesh through
combining the 3 different meshes. I am looking for a software which will
help me do this. Salome came up as a possible software and I wanted to ask
you whether this could be done using your software.

I look forward to obtaining your reply,

With kind regards,

Jocelino Rodrigues
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