[Gmsh] .Step import to GMSH for use in PC-Crash

Aaron Kiefer AKiefer at accident-research.com
Tue Jan 26 15:29:25 CET 2016

Hello GMSH Aficionados,

I'm a novice attempting to develop some basic GMSH ability to use the program to import .STEP geometry to create a .msh file for use in PC-Crash simulation software for a vehicle crash test.  I'm an accident reconstruction engineer who has limited FE experience so I apologize in advance for the basic questions.
     Primarily, I need some guidance on whether or not it is possible to use GMSH to import solid geometry (.STEP) from Solidworks to create a functional mesh?  I receive zero or negative area errors when meshing in 2D and importing to PC-Crash, and the 3d mesh has contact detection problems in PC-Crash.   Please advise the geometry that I'm dealing with is extruded aluminum profiles.  I'm open to learning how to use GMSH to specify a planar geometry for a 2D mesh, but I'm a little wary of the learning curve.


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