[Gmsh] ONELAB client developement

Doruk Tayli doruk.tayli at eit.lth.se
Tue Feb 2 19:03:24 CET 2016

Dear Prof. Geuzaine,

I am in a PhD in Lund University in Electromagnetic Theory and I am currently developing a method of moments (boundary element method) solver in C. I am using GMSH to build and mesh models and I am currently trying to integrate my own solver as a ONELAB client.

I have investigated the client implementation in the example "pend.cpp" and I noticed that the client and the server are communicating with the following strings

      // ask Gmsh to refresh
     onelab::string s("Gmsh/Action", "refresh");

      // stop if we are asked to (by Gmsh)
      c->get(ns, name + "/Action");
      if(ns.size() && ns[0].getValue() == "stop") break;

I tried to find the list of commands that the client can send to the server such as, "refresh" and the list of possible answers that GMSH send back such as, "stop". In this respect I tried to look to the source code of GMSH application with no success.

Can you please direct me to documents/code where I can find my answers.

Thank you for your time and kind help.

Best Regards,
Doruk Tayli
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