[Gmsh] visualization problem ?

walter steffe walter.steffe at alice.it
Tue Feb 9 08:48:59 CET 2016


This is a picture of the incomplete mesh I was speaking about.
The incomplete face indicated by red arrow corresponds with 
Elementary Entity Surface Number 4.
I have checked that using the gmsh tool Visibility/Numeric (hide/show).

Face number 4 and all other faces on the same circle (with the exception
of one which is the master) should be slaves.
So it is strange that only the face number 4 and a few other nearby are
incomplete while all other are good.

I would like to verify that the generated mesh file (which was sent in a
previous mail) reflects the expected master slave structure.
To do that I need the documentation of the last mesh format but I do not
have found it.


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