[Gmsh] visualization problem ?

walter.steffe at alice.it walter.steffe at alice.it
Thu Feb 11 15:20:08 CET 2016

          I al already using the last stable version (gmsh 2.11.0)

I have investigated a little bit more and I have seen that the msh file contains a few lines as the followings2 4 259Affine -0.9999999999999994 1.110223024625157e-16 0 0 -1.110223024625157e-16 -0.9999999999999994 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 16414624 23986-1 23987-1 23990
The problem is related with the -1 value associated with the tags of some slave vertices.I have used GDB with a breackpoint  inside of the function writeMSHPeriodicNodes  (GModelIO_MSH.cpp line 574)I have also used a break point condition  (v1->getIndex() < 0) in order to spot the problematic data.So I have discovered that the slave vertex is good (for what concerns the geometrical position) but has an index= -1.
The problem now is that I do not know where the wrong index was generated.The slave vertex was created inside of the copyMesh(...) function:  MVertex *vt =new MFaceVertex ...But this function seems not to be the responsible for the index value of -1 (the MFaceVertex constructor sets that value to 0).
And why most of the slave indices were properly renumbered with the exeption of those associated with face 4 (having master face=259) and a few others ?  
>I don't think so: the actual mesh is indeed incomplete. The problem is most probably in the generation of the slave mesh. Quite a bit of work has been going on on periodic meshes in recent releases: I would try with the latest stable release to see if the problem >persists.

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