[Gmsh] Simple tool for geo files coherence

Arnaud Trouche trouche at artenum.com
Thu Feb 25 16:04:48 CET 2016

Dear all,

If this may be useful for the gmsh community, we propose the tool we have developed at Artenum. It
is called GEFICOT (for GEo File COherence Tool) and aims to correct easily some issues you can
encounter with geo files.

The first function handles the id coherence. It can be useful for example when using the include
file possibility of Gmsh and that the two files have some elements that have the same ids. This tool
will modify the second file to be sure that there is no conflict with the first one.

The second function suppresses duplicated elements. Two modes are available, the first one tries to
automatically remove all elements that are duplicated. The second one takes in account a maximum
distance to consider two elements as duplicates. Both tools can be useful when, for example, two
cubes are stuck and you want to merge the shared face to ensure the coherence of the meshing. With
respect to the similar function in Gmsh, GEFICOT can generate a new file with no duplicates inside.

Currently, GEFICOT essentially supports "unrolled" geo files only, complex commands, like "if-then"
or loops commands, are not supported yet. Last, be indulgent, this is the first release of the
programme and bugs or limitations are still possible. The tool and its source-code are available
from the Artenum web page at : http://dev.artenum.com/projects/GEFICOT 

Feel free to contact us at contact at artenum.com or on the GEFICOT forum/bug tracker available at
http://dev.artenum.com/projects/GEFICOT if you have any question, remark, bug, enhancement or
anything else that you want to share with us.

We hope that this tool can be useful for some of you,

Best regards,
The Artenum Team
Arnaud Trouche
Artenum Toulouse - Science & Groupware

10, rue Marguerite Long
31320 Castanet-Tolosan, France
Phone: +33 (0)5 82 95 51 97

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