[Gmsh] How to make a symmetric, criss-cross structured mesh.

Alejandro Pinio alepinio at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 22:42:52 CET 2016

Hi Arijit,

once a time I was after the same mesh control. I finally came with the
following script. Somewhat ugly, but it does the trick. Note that you can
assign a different physical number to each chunk of "triangulated

Hope that helps, Alejandro from Buenos Aires

2016-03-07 16:29 GMT-03:00 Arijit Khan <nahkbce at gmail.com>:

> Hello developers and users,
> I need a special structured mesh for a mesh sensitivity study on a new
> element based method. One set of the mesh is shown in the attached picture.
> Does GMSH able to produce such a mesh. If so how? A .geo and .msh file
> example may be really helpful.
> Thanks and Regards[image: Inline image 1]
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> Arijit Khan
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