[Gmsh] Extrusion

Deepak Garg deepak.garg at ingv.it
Sat Mar 19 11:15:09 CET 2016

Hi There,

I am generating a 3D hexahedral mesh for a cylinder by extending a circle
with extrude command. The mesh is created in the right way but the mesh
file writes the center of circle(in my case (0,0,0)) and its extruded
vertex (0,0,5) in the nodes list.

Is there any way to remove these center points from the .msh file or to
make them the part of mesh?

I tried to use Point In Surface command, it is working in 2D but not with
extrude command in 3D. Attaching you my .geo file. If somebody has any
suggestions, your help is greatly appreciated.

Deepak Garg
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