[Gmsh] compile with med support

Bernd Hahnebach gmsh at b75.ch
Mon Apr 4 17:49:48 CEST 2016

According CMakeLists.txt is MED support activated by default

opt(MED "Enable MED mesh and post file formats" ${DEFAULT})

But at my cmake output it is missing, but cmake does not complain some  
library is missing ?!? How do I set the path to libmedc1 for cmake gmsh?

cheers bernd

cmake gmsh

-- Gmsh 2.12.1 has been configured for Linux
--  * Build options: Ann Bamg Bfgs Blas(Generic) Blossom Cairo Chaco  
DIntegration Dlopen Fltk GMP Gmm Jpeg Kbipack Lapack(Generic)  
LinuxJoystick MathEx Mesh Metis Mmg3d Mpeg NativeFileChooser Netgen  
ONELAB ONELABMetamodel OpenCascade OpenGL OptHom Parser Plugins Png  
Post Salome Solver Taucs TetGen/BR Tetgen1.5 Voro3D Zlib

Zitat von Bernd Hahnebach <gmsh at b75.ch>:

> Hi gmsh folks,
> just compiled gmsh on debian jessie. It worked like a charm. I have  
> libmedc1 installed but gmsh compiled without med support. How is  
> support for med export activated in cmake?
> cheers bernd
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