[Gmsh] bug report

Giulio Gori giulio.gori at polimi.it
Wed May 4 13:45:47 CEST 2016

To whom it may concern,

I think there's a bug in the gmsh 2.12.0 for linux.

When saving a mesh in .su2 format the final output contains also geometrical points which are not mesh nodes.

For instance, if I want to create a domain with an inner circular void region, i will need to create a point right in the center of the circular region.

This point will be the center of the circumference but it will not be a mesh node since the grid is not defined in the void region.

In the .su2 mesh output file that point will appear in the points list, even tough it don't belong to any mesh cell.

Sometimes this causes SU2 to crash while writing down the solution, in my case I wrote a script for cleaning the mesh file from the points which don't strictly belong to mesh elements and solved any problem.

I guess that's easy to reproduce this issue, but I can provide more information if needed.


Giulio Gori, PhD candidate
Department of Aerospace Science & Technology
Politecnico di Milano
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