[Gmsh] make a hexa second order mesh out of a hexa first order mesh

Bernd Hahnebach gmsh at b75.ch
Wed May 11 14:10:27 CEST 2016

More informations in this regard ...

- open file b5__hexa8_coarse.msh
- in GMSH Tree click on Mesh --> Set order 2
- Menue Tools --> Options --> Mesh --> Visibility --> activate Nodes
- It seams we have got a second order mesh ?!

- Menue Tools --> Visibility --> Numeric --> click on hide elements  
(put in * before) --> click on show elements (put in 50 before)
- screen is attached --> it really seams to be a hexa20 mesh

- save as msh --> reload --> still a hexa20 mesh
- save as unv --> reload --> no hexa20 mesh, it is a  hexa8 mesh

Could it be hexa20 ist not supported in GMSH unv export ?? Could  
someone else give more informations in this regard?

GMSH 2.12.0

kind regards bernd

Zitat von Bernd Hahnebach <gmsh at b75.ch>:

> Dear gmsh folks,
> attache a coarse hexa first order mesh. I'd like to get an second  
> orde  hexa mesh out of this. I found the hight order tools can be  
> used to  create the appropriate nodes for a second order hexa mesh.  
> But how do  I create elements out of the nodes.
> kind regards bernd

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