[Gmsh] Gmsh difficulty - Socket Listening issue

Ruth Vazquez Sabariego ruth.sabariego at kuleuven.be
Thu May 26 15:17:29 CEST 2016

It looks as if the gmsh is not able to find the solver, by default getdp…
I would just remove the defined Solver (right click for getting the option).
When opening inductor.pro again, it will prompt for getting it back.

HTH, otherwise give us a bit more information e.g. operative system and versions you are using.


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KU Leuven
Dept. Electrical Engineering ESAT/Electa, EnergyVille

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On 26 May 2016, at 05:40, Daniel West <danielekwest at gmail.com<mailto:danielekwest at gmail.com>> wrote:


Just while trying to view an example (http://onelab.info/wiki/Inductor), it keeps getting cut short by an error: "Abnormal server termination: <Socket listening timeout on socket<>>"

I'm really not sure why this is happening; I have tried restoring default settings to no avail.

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