[Gmsh] Problem with a surface with -1 holes.

Marco Bernardes marco.bernardes at uni-hamburg.de
Tue Jun 21 10:56:10 CEST 2016


I'm starting to use gmsh and I find out that it is a great mesh 
genenrator. I have however faced this problem:

Info    : Meshing surface 10002 (transfinite)
Error   : Something wrong in edge loop computation
Error   : Surface 10002 is transfinite but has -1 holes
Info    : Meshing surface 10002 (Plane, Delaunay)
Info    : Blossom: 239 internal 56 closed
Info    : Blossom completed (0.00 s):    84 quads     0 triangles 0 
invalid quads  0 quads with Q < 0.1 Avg Q = 0.654 Min Q 0.439
Info    : Meshing surface 10003 (transfinite)

I have reviewed the loop, the lines and the points and everything is ok. 
Could you kindly help me to solve this problem?

Many thanks,


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