[Gmsh] STL file remeshing problem

Dimitrios Eftaxiopoulos eftaxiop at central.ntua.gr
Fri Jun 24 06:37:47 CEST 2016


Remeshing of the attached STL file fails, with the .geo file taken from the gmsh 
examples.  I use gmsh 2.12.

The very same code, on  the same STL file, used to be successfull about 1.5 
years ago.

Any hint is appreciable.


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Mesh.RemeshParametrization=7; //0=harmonic_circle, 1=conformal_spectral, 2=rbf, 3=harmonic_plane, 4=convex_circle, 5=convex_plane, 6=harmonic square,7=conformal_fe

Geometry.HideCompounds = 0; // show underlying STL

Mesh.RemeshAlgorithm=1; //(0) nosplit (1) automatic (2) split metis


Merge "Model24.stl";


Compound Surface(200)={1};

Physical Surface (501)={200};
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