[Gmsh] 2D boundary layer with anisotropic elements

Nicholas Chisholm nick.g.chisholm at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 18:02:24 CEST 2016

Is it possible to generate a 2D boundary layer mesh near an edge whose
elements at the edge have some specified aspect ratio using the
BoundaryLayer field?  Below is my attempt.

Field[1] = BoundaryLayer;
Field[1].EdgesList = {1};
Field[1].NodesList = {1, 2};
Field[1].hfar = lc;
Field[1].hwall_n = lc/4;  // want an aspect ratio of 1:4
Field[1].hwall_t = lc;
Field[1].ratio = 1.25;
Field[1].thickness = 0.25;
Field[1].Quads = 1;       // want layer with rectangular quads
Background Field = 1;

Here, edge 1 is just a straight line that is the bottom boundary of a
square.  I do get refinement near this edge, but the elements are not
rectangular with the 1:4 aspect as I expected.  They are approximately 1:1
in aspect having the size specified by hwall_n.  The hwall_t setting is
evidently ignored.  Is there something I am doing wrong?   I am using the
'automatic' 2d meshing algorithm with Blossom recombination to quads.

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