[Gmsh] too slow coherence function

andrew armitatz at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 21:34:42 CEST 2016


I try to create a 3d mesh from an extruded 2d mesh. The mesh is a simple
box but with cuts in it of zero width. The geometry is created ok and the
meshing even when I have 2000-3000 cuts is done in less than a few minutes.
However when I convert the mesh for use with openfoam I was getting errors.
By adding the command 'Coherence mesh;' after the creation of the mesh, the
mesh is converted correctly for use with openfoam by using the ultility
The problem is in the use of the 'Coherence Mesh'. It takes almost two
hours to execute while the meshing takes a few minutes. Is there a way to
improve the Coherence command or to make the same geometry without the
duplicate nodes that need so much time to be removed?

I attached a file that needs 2.5 minutes on a quad core for meshing and
more than ten minutes to remove 1600 duplicates.
I have to create thousands of these meshes so a speedup would be welcomed.

kind regards

Andrew tsiantis
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