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This is the first opportunity that I see to use the new option that has been recently added in the development version of Gmsh. We have been working to develop the capability for Gmsh to write input files for Tochnog. Just like Gmsh, Tochnog is an open source, free, multi physics finite element application.

Quite recently, after submission of our contribution to Gmsh, Profs. Geuzaine and Remacle were kind enough to include them in the development version of Gmsh. Gmsh now offers the option of saving meshes in the Tochnog expected format, and with additional minor editing, the input files for Tochnog can be prepared.

Therefore, one option to get what you need is i once you have built your mesh with Gmsh, if you  “save as”  your mesh and either save it with an .dat extension or save as Tochnog, you will get a text file that will have:

For a 3D mesh, Tetras or Hexas and nodes.
For a 2D mesh, triangles, quadrilaterals and nodes.
For a 1D mesh, bars and nodes.

Just delete the text and comments that we added with suggestions to build the input file for Tochnog as necessary to get your mesh.

I hope this helps!

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> On Aug 22, 2016, at 10:29 AM, Nikhil Vaidya <nikhilvaidya91 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> I need a tetrahedral mesh for FEM simulations. I therefore need a mesh file only with the vertices and tetrahedral mesh elements. How do I get gmsh to write only these to file instead of all the element types?
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