[Gmsh] Problems with version 2.14.0 - Part 1

Alessandro Vicini alessandro.vicini at sitael.com
Wed Oct 12 11:23:39 CEST 2016

I am using Gmsh v.2.14.0 under windows, and I have a couple of problems.

This is the first one:

1)  I open an existing .geo file;

2)  Using the GUI I edit the .geo file, and I add at the end the two lines:


Merge "brick.stp";

3)  Now, if I reload the .geo the geometry of brick.stp is ok, but the first lines and surfaces that were defined in the original .geo are lost, see attached "before.jpg" and "after.jpg" pictures.

On the other hand, if I merge brick.stp using gmsh menu instead of editing the geo file, the result is correct, but if I then close Gmsh I don’t find the merge command in the .geo file (for the same reason, if I reload the .geo file after the merge operation, merging is lost and brick.stp is not there!).

Where is the problem? Thank you.


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