[Gmsh] Merging two meshes in interactive mode

Lorenzo Lombardi Lombo83 at hotmail.it
Tue Nov 1 17:40:52 CET 2016

Hi Gents,

I'm Lorenzo from Prato, Italy.

I'm trying to merge two different mesh files (Extension ".msh") obtained by meshing two STEP files with different mesh sizes in order to obtain a global model with different mesh densities to be putted into an acoustic simulation program, but the operation seems to not work properly: probabily at certain point I made some mistake and I hope that You can help me in find it!

Thats' the step by step instruction that I follow in my procedure:

Open the first mesh file and then, following the menu "File --> Merge", add the second meshes. Save the result file with the extension ".msh"

Then, following the path "Tools --> Option" and, in the "Visibility" tab of the "Mesh" menu present in the window that is appeared, I flag only "Lines" and "Surface labels" with the "Elementary tags" selected in the" Label type" option in order to view the ID of the surface of the model (Those are the ones needed for the acoustic simulation program)

At this point I see that the same number (The same surface ID, that should be univoque) is sometimes repeated because the same ID was used in both the original mesh files here merged. To correct this, I use the "Reclassify 2D" option present in the main screen under the menu "Mesh" on left and select "All" in both the first and the third step, leaving the second unchanced from the default value, saving again the ".msh" file

At this point, if I close Gmsh and trying to re-open the model, the following error appear in the bottom of the screen:


Error : Wrong vertex index 0

Error : Error loading "(path)(filename).msh"


Obviously, when I try to load this file in my simulation program, this is not working.

Can You please help me in understanding my mistakes?
Thanks in advance!

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