[Gmsh] Mesh of a disc removing the center point

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Hi Sara,

See the documentation here<http://gmsh.info/doc/texinfo/gmsh.html#Lines> : Circle is used to generate arcs strictly smaller than Pi radians. It might have cause you issues. Also, have a look at the enclosed file and let me know if it helped.

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I have a problem when generating the mesh of a disc of radius 0.1. I get elements which are only lines or to joined lines or triangles and i would rather like to have all triangles. I did meshes of rectangles before and I had not problem for that... Could you tell me if there is any parameter I have to set to obtain meshes with only triangles?

To generate a disc with Gmsh I use 2 Circle arc which require to define the center point of the circle (0,0,0) and 2 points: p1 = (0.1, 0, 0) and p2 = (-0,1, 0, 0). I create then the first arc from p1 to p2 and then the arc from p2 to p1.

Thank you.

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