[Gmsh] GMSH compilation problems with OCC7

isaac.ayalaiii at gmail.com isaac.ayalaiii at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 09:39:31 CET 2017

Good evening,

I'm experiencing difficulties compiling GMSH with OCC7.

I have already tried the instrucions indicated in the README file about -
DCMAKE, but have had no success.

I am currently running Arch Linux 64 bit.

OpenCasCade is installed in /opt/opencascade/

I tried setting OCC_LIBS = /opt/opencascade but I did not have any luck.

What are the exact CMAKE flags that I should use? Are they meant to link to a 
specific file or just a folder?

The opencascade folder hierarchy is this:


CMAKE outputs that it is unable to find any of the OCC libs such as TKBREP, 
TKSTEP, etcetera. They are all available under  /opt/opencascade7/lib

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Isaac Ayala
ITESM Toluca
Robotics Team Coordinator (2017)
PACE RSMS Team 8 REVO - Global Student Team Leader (2015 - 2016)

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