[Gmsh] how fill a 2D-mesh with 3D-elements calling GMSH from the shell

DILASSER Guillaume Guillaume.DILASSER at cea.fr
Mon Feb 20 15:12:46 CET 2017

Hi Johannes,

The option -3 does indeed call the 3D meshing algorithm but for it to work, volumes have to be defined. In your case, since you feed Gmsh a MED file, you don't have any Gmsh geometrical elements declared, just pure mesh and the program does not know how to handle it. The first step is therefore to re-build geometrical elements to establish a model of your shell and then call the 3D algorithm to mesh inside. Have a look at the enclose files and let me know if it helped. Note that this procedure will re-mesh the shell and thus you might not (read : certainly won't) have the same surface mesh in you output file as in your input MED...

Sincerely Yours,

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how can I fill a closed hull of 2D-elements with 3D-elements, by calling GMSH from the shell?

I tried this:

>    gmsh MeshTria_2D.med  -3 -o quark.med

Info    : Running '/opt/gmsh-2.13.1-Linux/bin/gmsh MeshTria_2D.med -3 -o

quark.med' [Gmsh 2.13.1, 1 node, max. 1 thread]

Info    : Started on Mon Feb 20 09:20:03 2017

Info    : Reading 'MeshTria_2D.med'...

Info    : Reading MED file V3.2.0 using MED library V3.2.0

Info    : Reading 3-D unstructured mesh <<MeshTria_2D>>

Info    : Done reading 'MeshTria_2D.med'

Info    : Finalized high order topology of periodic connections

Info    : Meshing 1D...

Info    : Done meshing 1D (8e-06 s)

Info    : Meshing 2D...

Info    : Done meshing 2D (6.91414e-06 s)

Info    : Meshing 3D...

Info    : Done meshing 3D (5e-06 s)

Info    : 8 vertices 24 elements

Info    : Writing 'quark.med'...

Info    : Done writing 'quark.med'

Info    : Stopped on Mon Feb 20 09:20:03 2017

but the resulting mesh does not contain any 3D-elements, it is identic to the input mesh.

Moreover, I discovered that after loading the 2D-mesh  (MeshTria_2D.med) into the GUI, the button "3D" in "Mesh" does not create any 3D-elements.

I fear that a geometry is needed. Or is there a manner to create a volume mesh from a 2D-mesh?

Many thanks for your help,



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