[Gmsh] Attractor and 3D algo

walter steffe walter.steffe at alice.it
Fri Mar 31 18:48:35 CEST 2017

Good morning,

  I am trying to generate a tetrahedral mesh with edge refinements 
specified by attractors.

I have tried both the isotopic versions:


case 2)  AttractorAnisoCurve, ALGO_2D_BAMG, ALGO_3D_DELAUNAY

I have seen that the 2D mesh is ostainfluenced by the attractor but the 
2D mesh is not.

To be more precise the 3D mesh changes but only to conform with the 
surface mesh.

The 3D mesh size does not change within the range dMin-dMax as expected. 
It changes only on the surface.

You can see this effect in the annexed picture. The surface mesh is very 
refined near the edge but the tetrahedra

dimensions are still large in the directions orthogonal to the edge.

Is this a limitation of the 3D algorithms or there is a problem with my 
setting ?



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