[Gmsh] Identical Points in Triangulation

Alexander Lindsay adlinds3 at ncsu.edu
Sun Apr 30 20:38:02 CEST 2017

Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm already using Linux.

On 04/29/2017 08:35 PM, Bertrand PIGEARD wrote:
> Hello, if you use gmsh on windows have a try with Linux release... It may help, I notice a random problem with the windows release.
>> Le 22 mars 2017 à 05:04, Alex Lindsay <adlinds3 at ncsu.edu> a écrit :
>> I have a mesh that is a repeating lattice of unit cells. When I use a relatively small lattice, say 10x10, the mesh is always created without error. However, for larger lattices, say 25x25, I commonly get the error `Identical points in triangulation: increase element size or Mesh.RandomFactor`. I've looked at the documentation, and the ratio of my smallest element size to model size is 1e-3 at worst. Regardless, I've increased Mesh.RandomFactor to 1e-6 and I still get errors. I can't really increase my characteristic length any larger because it's already around the order of the smallest geometric feature. Does anyone have any other troubleshooting suggestions? I've attached my `geo` file in case it's helpful.
>> <msre_cuboid.geo>
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