[Gmsh] two variables extracted from views to 2dplot

"José M. Sancho" jose.sancho at upm.es
Sat Jul 1 13:12:47 CEST 2017


2D plots in Gmsh:

2d time plot takes the time step as abscissa in the graph.
But, would it be possible to plot a 2d point obtained combining two components of two different vector views ?

Lets assume two nodal vectorial views combining timesteps.
View 1 contains nodal displacement vectors. 
View 2 contains other nodal vectors view, e.g. nodal forces. 

I know how to obtain time-value views applying Plugin(Probe) to these views. 

But the problem is that for a certain node (point) I need a plot with x-abscissa being the i-component  of displacement vector and 
the j-component  of the force vector being the y-ordinate.

This is the typical load-displacement curve in nonlinear mechanics.

Of course I can generate a 2d-space view ad-hoc out of Gmsh and import it, but I ask if it is possible to do that 
using a script combining plugins.

Maybe using onelab ? 

Thanks in advance.

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