[Gmsh] bad meshing since 2.16 version

Christophe Geuzaine cgeuzaine at ulg.ac.be
Wed Sep 6 10:31:12 CEST 2017

Hi Michel,

The problem is due to the fact that your plane surfaces are actually not planar. I've changed the hardcoded (and probably too strict) tolerance to relate it to the global Geometry.Tolerance parameter. This fixes the issue. Note that it would be better to save your point coordinates with increased accuracy to avoid this problem completely.


> On 5 Sep 2017, at 16:35, Michel Cassagnes <michel.cassagnes at noos.fr> wrote:
> Dear all,
> First of all, I never had the occasion to do it, congratulations for gmsh. I often use it (civil engineering) and it is always with a great a pleasure.
> Now, since 2.16 version, 2D meshing doesn't work as well as before when applied to my .geo files.
> I attached a small example. With 2.11 gmsh version, it works fine. When I try 2.16 or the most recent 3.0.4, it doesn't work. See images attached.
> I would know if I must change something in my process to make it work again. I make .geo files from Rhino CAD drawings using python scripts.
> Best regards,
> Michel Cassagnes
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