[Gmsh] Structured surface meshes and export to XYZ or structured CGNS

Guillaume Florent florentsailing at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 10:59:56 CET 2020


This is my first message on the mailing list, so please apologize any 
wandering off the Gmsh community culture ...

I want to create a structured/block-structured (obviously quads) surface 
mesh and export it to either Plot3D XYZ format or to CGNS structured 
format to use it as an input for another hyperbolic mesher.

Starting with a simple cube, I realized that:

- I could not find an exporter to Plot3D XYZ format (I yet have to see 
if the P3D export format can be converted to XYZ)

- even for a simple transfinite surface mesh on a cube face, I get an 
unstructured CGNS mesh when exported ('Unstructured' is in plain text in 
the exported file and the hyperbolic mesher complains about that since 
it expects a structured mesh).

Am I missing something or hitting a Gmsh limit?

Best regards,

Guillaume Florent (Yacht Design + Engineering)

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